Here are some items approved during our last Board of Supervisors meeting that will directly impact our community!

  • Enhanced Law Enforcement Services for Hesperia: The County is expanding its support for Hesperia’s law enforcement by adding an Office Specialist position and two unmarked patrol cars. This will strengthen their daily operations and keep our community safer.
  • Fire Training Facility Secured in Hesperia: The County Fire Department will be using a property in Hesperia to conduct their Dozer Academy and Wildfire Training (DAWT) program. This program provides vital training for firefighters, including classroom sessions, field exercises, and live fire drills. This ensures our firefighters are well-equipped to handle any situation.
  • Paving Project on Cedar Street & Other Roads: Starting May 2024, a 14.4-mile stretch of road west of Interstate 15 (including Cedar St.) will be getting a makeover! This contract with VSS International, Inc. includes new pavement, striping, markings, curb replacements, and more. Expect the project to be completed by December 2024.