The Victorville City Council’s “State of the City” address painted a bright picture of progress — highlighting exciting developments in economic growth, public safety, community services, and environmental initiatives.

Here’s a closer look at the key takeaways from last week’s presentation, held in partnership with the Greater High Desert Chamber of Commerce at the Hilton Garden Inn Conference Center:

Booming Economy:

  • 200 new businesses: Victorville’s business landscape is booming, welcoming a diverse range of new establishments, including a massive 1.3 million-square-foot Amazon warehouse and a sizeable 475,000-square-foot Iron Mountain warehouse. These additions solidify Victorville’s position as a major player in the regional economy.
  • Enhanced services for seniors: A new 170-bed assisted living PACE center is planned, bringing much-needed support and services to the city’s senior population.

Revitalizing Old Town:

  • Grants and improvements: The City is actively revitalizing the heart of Old Town Victorville with the help of multiple grants. These investments will enhance the area’s charm and attract residents and visitors alike.
  • Foodie destination: A designated food truck location on 7th and D streets is coming soon, offering a variety of unique and delicious cuisines, adding a vibrant and multi-cultural touch to the community.

Safety First:

  • Improved pedestrian safety: Residents can expect safer commutes, thanks to citywide repairs of traffic signals and sidewalks.
  • Connecting communities: The much-anticipated Third Avenue extension project is nearing completion, expected to be ready before fall, easing traffic flow in the area.
  • Road improvements: Bear Valley Road, a crucial artery, is undergoing reconstruction from Amethyst to US 395, ensuring smoother and safer travel.
  • Enhanced traffic flow: A dedicated right-turn pocket will be added for westbound traffic at the intersection of Bear Valley and Monte Vista Road, streamlining traffic flow and reducing congestion.

Stronger Public Safety:

  • Victorville Fire Department Expanding: Victorville Fire Department, one of the nation’s busiest stations with over 24,000 calls last year, is bolstered with the addition of 12 firefighter/paramedics and two new Type 1 engines, further enhancing their ability to respond to emergencies.
  • New Police Station: A new and spacious police station is being designed at a location to be determined. The new station will offer a 60% increase in space and accommodate 50 additional police vehicles, strengthening the city’s law enforcement capabilities.
  • Crime reduction: Victorville is seeing a decrease in some crimes, with automatic license plate readers capturing 374 hits leading to 96 arrests last year. Additionally, fatal collisions have impressively dropped by 47% compared to 2022.

Fiscal Responsibility and Community Investment:

  • Measure P funds put to work: Debra Jones highlighted Victorville’s commitment to responsible financial management. Measure P funds and various grants are being strategically utilized to expand services for residents.
  • Federal funding secured: The city secured a significant $13.5 million in federal funding, further supporting the expansion of vital services for the community.

Investing in the Future:

  • New Green Tree Library: Bookworms will be delighted to learn about the planned construction of a new Green Tree Library at the former Green Tree Clubhouse, enhancing access to knowledge and resources for the community.
  • Compassionate care for animals: A brand new Victorville animal shelter is under construction at the former Goodwill High School, slated to open in winter 2024. Additionally, Animal Care & Control has found homes for 250 animals through 38 adoption events in the past six months, demonstrating their dedication to animal welfare.
  • Supporting local heroes: Victorville recognizes the vital role of non-profit organizations, dedicating $2 million to support local non-profits working in vital areas like rental assistance, food banks, homeless outreach, and domestic violence prevention.

Environmental Responsibility:

  • Fighting litter: Through Measure P, over 306 tons of waste were removed from more than 1,500 homeless encampments, demonstrating the city’s commitment to environmental cleanliness.

Addressing Homelessness:

  • New resources for support: The recently opened Wellness Center is already making a difference, admitting 79 individuals and 17 pets in January alone, offering crucial support to those experiencing homelessness.
  • Taking action: Recognizing the need for a comprehensive approach, the city council passed a new ordinance prohibiting encampments near sensitive areas like schools. They also reduced the time frame for individuals to vacate sensitive encampments to 3 hours.

The Victorville City Council’s “State of the City” address showcased a city on the rise, actively working towards a brighter future for all residents. The Council’s dedication to economic development, public safety, community well-being, and environmental responsibility paints a promising picture for Victorville’s continued growth and prosperity.